Consumption of Alcohol Linked with Symptoms of Urinary Tract

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The consumption of alcohol was associated with men’s threat of lower urinary tract symptoms in a research which was conducted in South Korea. The association amid the LUTS and alcohol consumption followed a J shaped curve with elevated symptom levels among those who withdrew from alcohol and among those who drank 40g/day or even more and reduced rates amid the men who consumed about 20-30 g/day. The conclusion reported by Dr. Jin-ho-Park along with the colleagues is made from the data on approximately 30,000 males who aged 30 or even older, who went through regular comprehensive health observations. Males with prostate disorder were not included.

Overall, only a quarter of the males reported mild to severe LUTS. About 7 of every 8 reported recent consumption of alcohol, as per a research by the researchers which was posted online in a periodical “the journal of Urology”.

Mild Drinking of alcohol:

The occurrence of mild to severe voiding signs also showed a J shaped curve, with the reduced rates in 0-10g per day and 20-30g per day along the elevated rates in males who didn’t consumed alcohol at all and the 40g per day or more. The occurrences of mild to severe storage signs were low in 0-10g per day and 10-20g per day and elevated in the 0g per day and 40g per day or more groups. Light to mild consumption of alcohol may be advantageous for males to improve LTUS whereas severe drinking might worsen LTUS, concluded the research. But the researchers recommended that advice relating light to mild alcohol consumption can be modulated on personal basis, as per the clinical and biological risk factors in every case. Longitudinal researches are required to ascertain if LTUS could be affected by modifications in consuming alcohol.



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