Cops Suffer from Sleep Disorders

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Sleeping Disorders in Cops

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According one of the most extensive research till date on the impact of sleep deprivation on police officers in the U.S and Canada – the usual groups of services that have to endure with long working hours, graveyard shifts, and fractured sleep – more than 33% of all police officers suffer from at least one kind of sleep disorder and it’s reportedly taking a very heavy toll on the officers’ health.

sleep deprivation is said to cause heart diseases, lack of performance in the job, high levels of temper, cantankerousness, high levels of stress, etc. The study was focused on the police officers since they have a higher chance of suffering through the disorder as compared to common public.

According to a release from the New York Times, one of the most common sleep disorder identified among the police officers was “Obstructive Sleep Apnea” – the disorder that is characterized by pausing of breathing while asleep. This is even more common among the obese. It’s also directly linked to hypertension, road rage, and an increased risk of accidents on the road. About 30% of the officers who were surveyed were declared positive for this condition. Interestingly, most of them didn’t even have an idea about it and hence never took any treatment, whatsoever.

The scope of the study was massive. Roughly over 5000 state and local police officers in the United States and Canada took part in the survey of their own volition. The survey then revealed that at least 40% of the police offers had sleeping disorders. This is at least double that of the usual 15-20% of sleep disorder rates among the general population.

A sleep disorder increases the risk of heart disease by an unbelievable 45%. The odds of depression are 120%. The chances of being injured while on the job were at least 22%. At least 51% of the police officers can possibly fall asleep at the wheel. Across the United States, in between 2009 and 2010, more than 33% of the police officers died while on duty and they actually died in motor vehicle accidents.



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