Coronary Heart Disease: The Causes of the Disease

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Coronary Heart Disease is a condition affecting millions of Americans. In fact, many causes of hospitalization are due to cardiovascular signs and symptoms. While Coronary Heart Disease is a common term to many, many people fail to understand what delineates this disease from other heart disorder. Moreover, failure to understand and identify its common causes can lead to a staggering morbidity and mortality rate from this type of condition.

How Coronary Heart Disease Occurs

Coronary heart disease is the common term used when the heart fails to receive adequate amount of oxygenated blood and nutrients necessary for the heart muscles to perform their major function—to pump blood to our systemic circulation. This failure is commonly due to the narrowing of the blood vessels that lead to the heart muscles.

When the heart does not receive enough oxygen and nutrients, it gives off the symptom of pain. When the blockage becomes more prominent and larger, a heart attack may occur—increasing the risk for cardiac arrest and death.

Causes of Coronary Heart Disease

A high amount of cholesterol is a common cause of coronary heart disease. Cholesterol and other triglycerides, especially low density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) tend to cling on the inner surfaces of the blood vessels. When these cholesterol build ups block blood flow, symptoms of coronary heart disease takes place.

High blood pressure, especially when uncontrolled is another reason why Coronary Heart Disease happens. Out hypertension causes damage to our blood vessels, especially when our vessels are exerting too much pressure to push the blood to the circulation. As these blood vessels become damage, scar formation may occur as time passes. These scars lessen the flexibility of the blood vessels and also block the proper flow of blood.

Living a sedentary lifestyle is also a common reason why many people develop coronary artery disease. Regular exercise breaks down fat deposits as well as lowers down cholesterol level. The more hours we spend seated on our couches, the shorter our life span will be.

To counter this common cause of CHD, be sure to engage yourself in daily exercise routines like jogging around, performing household chores which will sweat you out, etc. Also, if there is a chance for you to walk to and from work—make it a habit.

High Fat and High Cholesterol Diet, as usual, is a common culprit. If we are the type of people who lavish on oily, fatty and cholesterol rich foods—the chances of developing coronary heart disease is one arm breadth away. Keep yourself away from lavishing plates and make sure you check the nutritional box of the items you buy to make sure these are low on fat and cholesterol.

Stress and Personality Types

People who are too exhausted with daily life stresses—be it in terms of family, work or relationships tend to develop heart diseases more often than those who know how to control their emotions. If you are a person who tends to be impatient, easily agitated and has a low tolerance on stress, you might want to turn thing around as you are putting too much stress on your heart.

Coronary Heart Disease is a deadly condition—most especially if prompt medical treatment fails to be delivered. However, prompt medical treatment is not what we want. The best thing we can do is to prevent this condition from happening. Familiarizing oneself from the common causes of such disorders is the way to go.




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