Costly Robotics surgeries are safe!!

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If the individuals undergo robot assisted procedures on prostate and kidneys, they are sure to have shorter hospital stays, a reduced threat of blood transfusion or may be even death, but a significantly mounting bill than those individuals who get older surgical procedures, discovered in a novel study. The observations evaluated standard laparoscopic and robotic assisted surgery and discovered that direct cost could run up to many thousands higher for the procedures done with the help of robotics. But the study did not emphasize if the quality of life over the long time period is improved or harmed by one kind of surgery or another.

The studies show that there are few advantages of robotic procedure and they should have been introduced much before. The robotics procedures are very costly and this is well known. Besides the equipment being expensive, the surgeons also need to invest lot of time to learn how to use it. But it is important to see if the extra cost is worth the benefit given by the robotic surgery. It’s timely due to spiraling health care costs and one should look more closely at the evaluation effectiveness to prove the expenses of these surgeries.

The team then determined to emphasize on urological procedures as that is the only field which has adopted the robotic surgery very promptly, he said. Years ago it was considered to be the end all surgery specifically with the surgery of prostate. We can get the patients out of the hospitals very soon, have excellent potential and incontinence results, the researchers said. Dr. Penson said that the research was done well, but there was lack of some valuable measurement. He said that though the robotic surgeries have advanced yet the open surgeries are performed more common for kidney surgeries. Finally they have to produce comparative effectiveness as somewhere the patients will be paying more for their healthcare.



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