7 small things that will help you maintain your couple’s happiness

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Couple Happyness
Being healthy does not only mean keeping diseases away from you, it also implies being satisfied and fulfilled emotionally and socially. Happiness can maintain and sustain health and only those people who will learn how to treasure and enjoy the small things they have in life will get to be happy.
Let’s take the couples as today’s example. Maintaining the well going of your couple makes you happy every day. The key to this happiness is knowing what to do in order to maintain your relationship as good as new. As time goes by people forget and tend to ignore the small things that make a couple last long.

If you are at the beginning of a new relationship or are just looking for some ideas on how to show your life partner that you care, here are some small tips that might help you:

1. Walking hand in hand. Physical contact is very important as it gives you the feeling that you are not alone, that you are stronger than other people, that you will have a support when needed. Even when going to the grocery shop, don’t hesitate, take his hand in yours and you will see the way he will look at you: with infinite love.
2. When he goes to sleep you go to, and vice versa. It does not matter what you do in the bedroom, whether you make love or just fall asleep in each other’s arms. At the end of the day we don’t want to feel alone, we just want peace and the feeling that someone is always there for us.

3. Don’t forget to say ‘Good night’. This is a sign that no matter what has happened during the day you still respect the person laying besides you and your relationship. Even though you might have had a fight during the day, saying ‘good night’ will not leave any of you the impression that even though you are sharing the same bed you are still sleeping alone.

4. Think positive and try to ignore the bad things. A lot of the happy couples have learned that focusing more on the good things in their relationship and not discussing to much about the mistakes they make gets them to live happier.

5. Respect the time you spend together, but do not forget about the time for your own person. We all want to have some spare time just for us. It does not matter how we choose to spend it as long as it makes us happy. The idea is to accept the fact the even though you are a couple you still need time for yourself, so allow your partner to maintain hobbies and personal space.

6. Small calls make great impressions. If during the day you have a few spare moments, call your partner and ask him how he is feeling or what he is doing ending the conversation with ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’. This will not only make him happy, it will also help you restore your batteries for the whole day long. Some happy thoughts written on small pieces of paper hidden in his pocket or in his wallet will also make the day seem brighter.

7. Don’t forget to let your loved one know from time to time that you are proud of him/her and that you respect him/her. Don’t be surprised if you see that he/she will love you even more after sharing these things.

Feeling loved by our partners is an essential key to being healthy. These are only a few tips I have thought of writing today, but I am sure you can figure out at least ten more that will make your couple’s life better. Having a happy soul is one of the keys that open the way for getting a healthy body, so open your heart and show your life partner that you care for your relationship.




  1. thanks for the advice.i think it work.GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

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