Critical Genes That Mutated in Stomach Cancer Tumor

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A crew of investigators, led by scientists from National Tumor Centre in Singapore and Duke NUS of Singapore has discovered many new genes which are mutated in the stomach tumor, which is the 2nd most lethal tumor across the world. The research which was published online in a periodical lays a new way for treatments made to the genetic make-up of a person’s stomach cancer. Stomach tumor is the 2nd main cause of tumor death all across the world with additional 700,000 deaths ever year and is specifically general in East Asia. Treatment of stomach cancer is very complicated and mainly unsuccessful due to late diagnosis of cancers and a poor understanding of the reasons. In US, less than 1/4th of individuals live more than 5 years after detection, even after getting treatment.

Until now, the hereditary abnormalities which result in stomach tumors are still not known, which partially reveal the complete poor treatment result. Applying the state of the art technology of DNA sequencing, the investigators team observed the cancer and normal tissue from the patients’ suffering from stomach tumor. This also resulted in the innovation of new gene mutation. This advanced technology permits them to read the gene’s DNA sequence in every tumor genome. The crew also included clinicians and scientists from 3 of the research groups which were accredited with the DUKE NUS. This is even a main team attempt encompassing both basic clinicians and scientists.

The research is one of the 1st gastric tumor researches to discover the wide bulk of human genes at initial level of nucleotide. The researchers analyzed around 18000 genes and observed around 600 which were earlier not known to be mutated in the stomach tumor.



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