Cured Meat Linked To COPD Patients’ Hospitalization

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Amid the individuals suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, those individuals who eat great amount of processed meats are more probable to end up in the hospital for the 2nd time, as per a research conducted by Spain. Dr. Judith along with his colleagues recorded 274 individuals for roughly 3 years following they were first hospitalized for COPD. The investigators conducted survey on eating habits of individuals and recognized 23g of processed meats as the average level of regular consumption – around 1 slice of ham while ½ of hot dog. From the 138 individuals below the average, about only 30% were admitted again to the hospital during the research, when compared to 40% in the group who consumed higher levels of processed meats.

Following adjustment for certain factors like smoking status and medications, the investigators have discovered that the individuals who ate the most of the processed meat were two times probable to be admitted to the hospital again than those who consumed the least. This threat is likely to double substantially and hence the trends make them to be convinced more that these are a true signal. While there is yet no concluding answers on cause and effect, the researchers say the nitrites which are used as preservatives in meat can be the main culprits. The authors convey through their studies that nitrites generate molecules which are considered to harm the lungs. The researchers recommended that there is biological mechanism by which nitrites might impair the lungs. The main question is if that is relevant to the human beings.

The doctors said that it is likely that the salt in the processed meats may result in problems with COPD however they do not know the fact. Still they recommend the individuals to restrict the intake of cured meats.



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