Dangerous food additives

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A diet that contains too many processed foods can cause many problems in various parts of the body. Processed foods do not contain many nutrients, considering that they do not contain too many vitamins and minerals, or they were lost in processing.

Secondly, in order to saturate, people tend to eat too many foods such as chips, cookies, baked foods and sauces. In general, a feeling of fullness don’t come after eating whole foods, fruit and vegetable with fiber, so many people still tend to eat more. So, the most frightening aspect, in terms of processed foods is that they are consumed in higher proportions.


1. Overview
2. Food additives to avoid
3. Dangers of food additives

Food additives to avoid

Food additives have multiple roles, even though many people do not pay attention, they can have many negative health effects.

1. Food dyes – Experts believe that many food dyes should be banned or at least should be some kind of warning signs (example: products containing food dyes should have a warning label to allow parents to know their effects). It was scientifically proven that food dyes cause hyperactivity in children and even ADHD. In the last 50 years, food dyes using has increased five times.

2. Bisphenol A or BPA – A new study has found that the use of synthetic hormones is dangerous, especially bisphenol A or BPA which is a food preservative. Organic or not, 92% of canned foods contain BPA.

3. Phthalates – are another type of synthetic hormones that are found in canned food composition. These are chemicals associated with endocrine disruption in animals and as it turned in some studies in humans. Laboratory tests on animals have been shown that they cause reproductive damage as well as neurological disorders. They were found both in personal care products and canned foods.

4. Palm oil – palm oil has a serious effect on a person’s body as it is a type of oil which contributes to increasing saturated fat. In addition, palm oil has a negative impact on the environment. Researchers found that the main threat to hinder survival of endangered wildlife is cutting and burning of tropical forests and thus the palm use to obtain palm oil.

5. Hidden trans fats – on many processed food labels is mentioned that they do not contain trans fats when in fact they contain even more than 49 grams per serving. While this amount may seem insignificant, trans fats should not exceed 2% of the total fat consumed in a day.

6. Monosodium glutamate – MSG – substance is related to hormonal imbalances appearance, weight gain, brain injuries, obesity and headaches. Monosodium glutamate is found in the composition of a fair amount of food.

7. Lead – Approximately 85% of drinks marketed to children contain hazardous levels of lead. It is recommended to squeeze organic fruits and vegetables to get a juice and to avoid harmful amounts of lead for your body.

Dangers of food additives

Very often is enough to read a food label to identify artificial ingredients, preservatives or other substances names. However, even if most of the people know that they are not healthy options, they still buy them and do not exclude these products from their diet.

People have made the food and cosmetics preservatives to last as long life, to preserve flavor and color. For centuries people have used salt, vinegar, herbs, cooking and refrigeration to preserve food naturally, but in the last 50 years the use of preservatives has become a common method.

The most common chemical additives in the food industry today are bezonate, nitrites, sulphites and sorbates. These additives kill and prevent mold and yeasts (yeast) that grow on foods. Sulphur dioxide is the most commonly encountered preservative made by the human. It acts as a bleaching agent for foods.

There are currently over 300 food additives that are used. It is not unusual for a food additive which initially was considered safe for consumption to later discover that it is toxic. Some studies have confirmed that some additives are the source of headaches, nausea, weakness and difficulty breathing.

New research has shown that the mixture of additives and certain foods can damage human nerve cells. The truth is that people do not understand the long term effect that additives can have on their health, because additives are a relatively new invention.

Moreover, our grandparents probably ate organic food. For now, it is important that people choose not to buy foods that contain additives, as products marketing (containing additives in their composition) won’t be prohibited until there are no sufficient data from their research to determine the specific effects they have on the body.



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