Dangerous Plants Grow in Florida

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Fort Lauderdale—It is reported that the new plant that lately used as the decoration in south Florida may cause people’s heartbeat to stop functioning. The plant is also said as the common plant used by the youngster to have a free of charge hallucination tool. It is already known for long that Florida with its beauty has many dangerous species that might threaten people’s lives. Some of the plants have the potential to scar the skin or damage the eyes. To the worst extent, it even can cause a serious body parts’ malfunction.

Because of Florida’s environmental condition that is very welcoming for many plants to grow, the potential to have many dangerous plants is also high. It is reported that there have been more than 600 hazardous plants found in the state and it is suspected that there are still more that have not been discovered. Moreover, it is also reported that the poisonous plant has caused more than 20 people died two years ago and it causes the worry that many poisonous plants in Florida might cause more death in the future. Also, many people might eat the poisonous plants without them realizing it. It is everyone’s job to be more careful with the action so that the victims of the poisonous plants can be reduced.




  1. What are the names of the actual plants?

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