Lung cancer Symptoms & Treatment

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Lung cancer is the malignant growth of the lung tissues. This is very common type cancer in males and tops the cancer types in causing maximum number of deaths due to cancer. It causes 1.3 million deaths worldwide every year. There is excessive growth of the lung tissue. This growth is not uniform and causes many complications in the patient. Lung cancer is very malignant i.e. it spreads to other organs really fast and causes growths in other organs too. The basic symptoms include weight loss, dyspnea or difficult breathing, suffocation and consistent cough.

Lung cancer has become prevalent in the recent years due to increased smoking habits, pollutants, and industrial hazards like fumes. Lung cancer is the commonest among males and is second most common among females too. Persons smoking cigarette have seven times more risk of development of lung cancer than persons who are non smokers.

Lung cancer can spread to other parts by blood or by lymph or more frequently from one lung to the other. The patients of lung cancer present with variable symptoms. There is constant cough, attacks of cough after short period. It is the first sign of cancer of lungs. Patient can see blood streaked sputum. The amount of blood increases with the progress of the disease. The condition is known as hemoptysis. Frequent pains are experienced which are dull and non specific. Along with cough patient will not be able to breathe easily, there will be dyspnea, suffocation, wheezing due to bronchial obstruction as a result of overgrowth. Other symptoms are loss of appetite, clubbing of nails, difficult swallowing and loss of weight.

Lung cancer can be treated by surgical removal of the part of lung in which cancer is present in the earliest stages as after that it spreads to other parts. Chemotherapy is of very limited use.




  1. Dear doctor. i heard too badly in the morning in ma close relative lung cancer happend too he 52 years old person there is a one more test also need to do , he is smoker person if its starting stage how we can avoid effecting more issue in his life please reply asp.

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