Debunking Myths Flu Preventions At Home

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As flu season is in full swing for the holidays, many people will desperately be trying to manipulate their homes and routines to keep the disease at bay. While people would do anything to keep from getting sick, a lot of things we do to clean the home of germs are pure myth, won’t actually help, and can worsen the situation.

First myth: A COLD AND WINDY HOME WILL CAUSE YOU TO CATCH A COLD OR FLU. But the truth is, there really isn’t any connection between cold temperature and microorganisms, and the body’s immune system can handle winter’s icy chill. Cold and flu incidences do peak during the cold months, but this prevalence has more to do with the fact that people spend more time indoors during the cold season, making it easier for bacteria and viruses to transmit from one person to another.

Second myth: A HAND SANITIZER CAN PROTECT YOU COMPLETELY. While these popular and handy sanitizers will kill bacteria on contact, there is little indication that they actually decrease the rate of illness, in accordance to several recent studies. The problem is that hand sanitizers clean the hands only, but the flu is an airborne virus. The flu spreads when a sick person coughs or sneezes, causing particles of pathogens to spread in the air, and those cannot be treated with any kind of sanitizer.

Third myth: SWEATING OUT A COLD IS POSSIBLE. Taking a hot bath to “sweat out” the illness or flu doesn’t have anything to do with proper treatment, says ABC News.

Fourth myth: SHOWERING THE HOUSE WITH ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP RIDS THE HOUSE OF DISEASE. Both colds and flu are caused by viruses, not bacteria. Thus, these soaps are actually ineffective against viral infection. Ordinary bleach may have better effects on both bacteria and viruses.

Fifth myth: ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT CAN KILL PATHOGENS. UV sanitizing wands, popular these days, blast germs with a certain type of ultraviolet light that kills them on contact, rather than using harsh chemicals. While these work on an industrial scale and have been used killing germs in hospitals for a long time, the small handheld units have little effect, says the L.A. Times. The devices also do little to stop airborne pathogens, which are actually the main cause of colds and flu.

Sixth and final myth: CHANGING TOOTHBRUSH CAN PREVENT A SECOND COLD. Every strain of colds or flu is different. But once the body defeats a particular strain of virus, the person becomes immune. Thus, a person cannot receive the same cold.

Hopefully, this article would help debunk those myths for good and set the records straight. Proper knowledge means better prevention.




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