Dental whitening

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1. Overview

If you are unhappy with your smile (in terms of coloring) or you want a bright smile at an event where you are or would like to be the center of attention, there are many procedures and methods to whiten teeth for aesthetic purposes.

Whitening is of two kinds: whitening teeth whose color was changed after devitalization (removing nerve) or trauma and whitening for cosmetic purposes.


1. Overview
2. Dental whitening procedures
3. Before and after teeth whitening procedure

2. Dental whitening procedures

Teeth whitening (for teeth whose color was changed) is done only in the dental office by creating cavities on the front palate or lingual tooth, into which the doctor applies a special gel for 24 hours.

After successive applications when the tooth reaches the desired color, resulting cavity is filled with physiognomic filling material (composite).

Teeth whitening for cosmetic purposes (bleaching) is a process by which teeth are brought to a lighter color than their natural color. It can be done at home or in a dentist’s office. Home-made whitening require to manufacture some trays (plastic conformations) which is applied to the teeth.

These are made in the laboratory, after a preliminary impression of the dental arches. Inside these conformations is applied the bleaching gel, exclusively in the area that will come in contact with the facial surface (which looks to lips) of the teeth.

These trays are worn during night (8:00), first in an archway for 4-5 days and then the other arch for the same period of time. Not worn simultaneously for two reasons: the first would be difficult to conduct, and the second reason is to see the difference between bleached and unbleached arch.

The whitening made in a dentist’s office can be two types: bleaching trays and whitening using a special lamp. The whitening made in an office uses trays that are made using the same kind of home-made bleaching trays, the only difference being that the trays are worn only for an hour.

By doing this, you can wear for both arches simultaneously shortening the time to obtain the desired result. The gel used is present in higher concentration than that used in home whitening.

Whitening done by using a special lamp is more efficient, being finalized in max 2 hours and get better results (lighter shades) than using whitening trays.

This method consists in applying a special gel on the facial surface of the tooth and its activation by using special lamps. This lamp emits a light with a specific wavelength, thus activating the bleaching gel. Are 4 or 5 successive applications (each stage lasts 15-20 min), and among these applications the tooth is hydrated with a special substance.

3. Before and after teeth whitening procedure

Before any kind of bleaching is required scaling a professional cleaning done by a dentist. During bleaching, throughout the treatment plus another 48 hours is recommended not to consume coffee, coca cola, chocolate, cocoa, red wine or other drinks high in colors.

Also, for a proper result, smoking is totally banned during the entire treatment. It may appear a slight tooth sensitivity but it resolves after 1-3 days after application of fluoride gel.

These whitening for cosmetic purposes are not harmful to the teeth as far as not abusing them. After bleaching, is advisable to wait about 12-18 months to make a new treatment.



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