Depression and heart disease could be fatal

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According to French and British experts the combination of heart disease and depression could be fatal for anyone.
Experts studied the health of 6000 people, who mostly were civil servants, over a period of time of 5 and a half of years.

Doctors must be more attentive to patients with heart problems and those with depression

From the study it was noted that there was a 67% chance for people, to die from heart diseases alone higher, than of those people of not suffering either heart disease or depression.

The combination of depression and heart disease would triple the chance of death for any reason.

A cardiac nurse Amy Thompson, who was partially a part of the study said: ” This study builds on previous research which suggests that depression is linked to coronary heart disease. “Enjoying regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet can help if you are feeling low – so, good news for your mental health as well as your heart health.

“Whether or not you have heart disease, if you feel depressed it’s essential to talk to your doctor.”



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