Diabetes which is long term is a stroke risk

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Individuals who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for a period above 10 years are 3 times more probable to be detected with a stroke than individuals who do not have diabetes, a recent study has discovered. The longer the individuals had diabetes, the more is the possibility that they will have a stroke. The threat went up quite noticeably, to up to a 3 fold threat for individuals who have suffered from diabetes for period exceeding 10 years. Elkind says that the conclusions point to greater requirement of the individuals to engage in everything which they can to avoid type 2 Diabetes.

Do regular exercises, visit your physician regularly, eat a healthy diet and prevent smoking. All these will help in preventing diabetes and hence stroke also. Findings of the research are printed in the periodical “Stroke”. The research only viewed at a very general type of stroke known as ischemic stroke, which arises when 1 or more than 1 blood vessel that is in the brain gets blocked due to a blood clot. When this takes place, the region of brain no longer gets blood and oxygen turns out to be damaged.

Around 3300 individuals participated in the study of which 22% of them had diabetes and the mean duration of this disease for these individuals was 17 years. 10% of the individuals, who did not have diabetes at the time of beginning of the study, were detected of the disease at the times of 9 years of follow-up. 244 ischemic strokes took place during the study and it was predicted that it would increase 3% every year for the individuals who were suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. However the study fails to prove a cause and effect association between stroke and Type 2 diabetes, though it successfully proves the association between the two.



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