Diabetic Women and Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer has been linked to several and multiple factors which can contribute to a heightened risk of developing the disease. Some of these factors include hormones and nutrition. According to a new study, women who are suffering from diabetes which is metabolic and endocrine in nature, have the tendency of having breast cancer as well compared to those individuals with no known case of diabetes.

Breast cancer is considered to be the most common neoplasm affecting women. Each year there are new cases of diagnosed cases of breast cancer, and it is a health issue that different countries want to address. There are multiple factors to consider about the development of breast cancer. The new study, suggests that women with diagnosed diabetes have higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Although, there are already other established researches which associates breast cancer with diabetes, still there is an unclear link between the two diseases, whether they are related to each other or whether one disease causes an increase risk of developing the other disease. According to the researchers of the new study, they are trying to delve on a deeper analysis of the links between the two. The researchers wonder if the diagnoses of breast cancer among those women with diabetes are due to the comprehensive series of general diagnostic tests which include mammograms and breast exam, and not necessarily as diabetes increasing the risk of having breast cancer.

Other researchers say that the link between the two diseases lies between the similar risk factors of both diseases. These risk factors may include unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition scheme, and other secondary factors which have a bearing on the development of the said diseases.

The new study which was undertaken by Jeffrey Johnson, from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and his colleagues examined and analyzed data involving 170,000 women who were residing in British Columbia. These women are divided into two study groups. The first group is composed of women who have a recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes which is about half of the total study population, and the other half is composed of women who do not have any diagnosis of diabetes. The researchers monitored and examined these women for about four (4) to five (5) years.

The findings of the research reveal that after the four to five year time period, there are about 1.4 per cent of women who develop breast cancer, these women belong to the first study group – women who have diabetes. In addition, post-menopausal women who have diabetes were to some extent more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than diabetes-free women.

Nevertheless, prevention of these two diseases is a great measure in order to save life. Early detection and prompt intervention is advised for all those women who suspect diabetes and breast cancer.




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