Diagnose The Cancer Diseases At The Initial Stage With Sensor Device

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The Tecnalia is one equipment for developing the biosensors which are capable of sensing the existence of the tumor signs in a person from his exhaled breath. It is probable to predict these changes at the early stage of the disease caused within a human from his exhaled breath. Certain diseases such as the stomach and the lung cancer or the diseases in the liver diagnosis is a very strange process as the symptoms of this disease nearly matches with the normal disorders such as nausea, headache etc. Hence these diseases are diagnosed at the most advanced stages. The tool or device for detection of this life taking fatal diseases is a primary one.

The persons suffering from the lung cancer in the division of the Medical Oncology of the Institute of Onco-Haemathology of the Donostia Hospital (IDOH) have joined in this process by creating a group to find a device for detection of this disease. The breath from a healthy person and unhealthy person usually differs a lot and it consist of many organic compounds such as the butanol, acetone hydrocarbons etc.

The detection of this lung cancer is difficult as there are many compounds in the breath of a human and difficult to analyze a single component which act as a sign of this disease. And in order to do so the different combinations of the organic compounds must be properly selected. The compounds of interest generally are in the range of the 1 to 20 parts per billion (ppb) and this range increases in the range of 10 to 100 times in the breath of the unhealthy person.

In the first phase of this project the breath samples of the person were collected by breath collect equipment. Detailed reports of the most commonly occurring compounds in the breath samples are taken. The families of the compounds needed to identify the signs of the diseases are properly chosen. The chromatography techniques/ spectrometry analysis (GC/MS) test and their results are used give the arithmetical and structural procedures to identify the healthy and the unhealthy cancer causing cells.

The key materials chosen to detect the cancer causing organic compound changes are developed to increase the sensitivity of the device. The Instituto de Tecnologías Químicas Emergentes de La Rioja (Inter-Química) has also combined with the Tecnalia in this project for designing the biosensor device. As a result of this research the sensor device will help in fighting certain disease by diagnosing at the initial stage of any disease.



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