Diet for preventing kidney stones

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1. Overview

Most kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate and calcium. Kidney stones occur in both men and women due to many causes, including diet, inherited genes, etc.

Doctors prescribe low-calcium diets to prevent kidney stones. This approach makes sense if understood how calcium is handled in the body. Blood calcium level is maintained fairly constant, generally through diet.

Changing the amount of calcium in the diet leads to minor changes in the levels of calcium in the blood.


1. Overview
2. Ways to prevent kidney stones
3. Avoiding foods high in oxalates

2. Ways to prevent kidney stones

Another approach to prevent the formation of kidney stones in adults is to eat foods high in calcium and avoid oxalates. This can be done by reducing the amount of oxalate.

It is very important not to use calcium supplements without medical advice. Also, increased intake of sodium and protein can cause kidney stones.

3. Avoiding foods high in oxalates

If you avoid foods listed below, you can reduce the oxalate intake:
> Chocolate;
> Tea;
> Spinach;
> Beet;
> Peanuts;
> Almonds;
> Pecans.

Foods with a high calcium content that can be included in the diet are found:
- In children older than 5 years and adults – low-fat dairy products;
- In children aged between 2 and 5 years.

> milk and cheese content not exceeding 2% of fat;
> low-fat yogurt;
> tofu or soy milk;
> fruit juices fortified with calcium;
> sesame seeds.

Using these sources of calcium is recommended as part of a balanced diet that will include all the food groups. Studies have shown that foods that are high in fat have a lower calcium content compared to those containing less fat.

It is advisable to carefully read the product label before consuming it, to know which is its calcium content.



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