Diet for the 6th Month of Pregnancy

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With the increasing baby, stomach and intestine are compressed and you face trouble when eating. Our advice is to take small meals and often, eat slowly and make frequent walks to ease digestion.

With a balanced diet, the baby managed to store reserves that help him create and renew cells. This is largely due to proteins, also known as “blocks of life”, because of their importance for the developing baby. Animal proteins provide 8 amino acids that are essential to your body, who is unable to produce them. Instead, plant proteins have lower nutritional value, hence the need to attach the two types of proteins.
The high-protein foods: meat, fish, eggs, dairy products

Menu for the 6th Month of Pregnancy

- 1 cup of milk
- Bread with butter and honey
- 1 orange

- Cheese bread
- 1 fruit

- Salad
- Moussaka or veal steak with mashed potatoes
- 1 bowl of pudding

- A cake

- Salad
- Roast Chicken
- Beans
- Fruit tart



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