Diet for the 7th Month of Pregnancy

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With the entry in the 3rd quarter, you feel tired and your movements become more difficult. It is time to put more emphasis on vitamins. Your doctor may prescribe some vitamin supplements, but as if you’re following a balanced diet, your needs will be covered more easily. Drinking a glass of milk is the best way to cover the needs of vitamin B 2 and B 12.

Foods rich in vitamins:

A: Whole milk, eggs, liver, fish, green vegetables, carrots, oranges

B: Whole grains, green vegetables, meat, fish and eggs

C: Fruits and vegetables

D: cod liver oil, fatty fish, and butter

E: Vegetable oils, spinach and cabbage

Menu for the 7th month of pregnancy

- 1 cup of milk
- 2 kiwi fruits
- Cheese
- Bread and butter

- Multivitamin juice

- File mackerel
- Boiled Eggs
- Tomato salad with parsley
- Rice
- 1 yogurt

- 2 oranges or clementines

- Zucchini salad
- Steak
- Hulls with parsley
- Flan



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