Diet for the 8th Month of Pregnancy

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At this stage of pregnancy, the baby occupies more space, pressing the blood vessels of the digestive tract, which can cause constipation. Hence the importance of fibers! To prevent this phenomenon, drink plenty of water or fruit juice, milk or tea, on average half liter per day and do exercise, walking, swimming or easy gymnastics. But of course, also eat foods rich in fiber because they provide the highest nutritional value. With their help, you eat more for the same amount of calories.
Foods rich in fiber: cereals, whole grain based products, fruits and vegetables, potatoes (boiled in with peel), bread

Menu for the eighth month of pregnancy

– 1 cup of milk with cereals
– 1 grapefruit
– Muffins or cake

– Plums

– Vegetables salad
– Pork
– Potatoes boiled in with peel
– Celery salad
– 1 fruit yogurt

– Tea
– Cookies

– Vegetable Soup
– Sausages
– Lentils
– Cheese bread



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