Diet for the 9th Month of Pregnancy

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Almost thereNo food provides all the nutrients, therefore you have to eat a little of everything. So, your diet should contain carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, vitamins, minerals, calcium and fiber. Take advantage of the latter, because they are best for your nutrition. The baby has already grown, but must be born in the best conditions. Continue to take three meals and two snacks, and nothing between meals. Also avoid products that are too sweet. Vary the products you eat, both in terms of energy, calories and nutritional value.

Menu for the ninth month of pregnancy

– 1 cup of milk
– Toast with butter and jam
– 1 fresh fruit or fruit juice
– 1 yogurt

– 1 peach, apple or orange
– 1 fruit compote

– Mushrooms salad
– Fish file or fish fingers
– Spinach
– Cheese
– 1 serving of chocolate cake

– 1 fruit juice (or tea)
– Cheese

– Celery salad
– Beef steak
– Broccoli
– 1 banana



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