Diet Free of Meat and Dairy Products, Reduces Non-Communicable Diseases

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Physicians have revealed that the incidence and prevalence of the most threatening non-communicable diseases like obesity, cancer, heart diseases and diabetes can be considerably reduced by taking on plant-based diets—a diet free of meat and dairy products.

The London based NGO World Preservation Foundation wrote a letter to the Prime Minister explaining that the government can take the initial steps in the implementation of healthier policies and incentives with regard to plant-based practices. In their letter, the organization emphasized that such actions will set a benchmark in healthcare, environmental protection and policy innovation.

In the UK, these NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) becoming very rampant and cases are escalating because of the lack of efforts that the government exerts in terms of dietary choices and primary causes of these conditions. As per the latest statistics, 60% of the UK population is either overweight or obese. Furthermore, it is recorded that about 200,000 individuals in the UK die each year due to cardiovascular conditions alone. This equates to about 30 billion pounds of expenditure annually.

Physician and Investigator of the Cleveland Clinic and Wellness Institute in the US, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, “We are potentially on the cusp of what could be a seismic revolution in health. This will never come about from another pill, another procedure, another operation, or construction of another cardiac cathedral. It will come about when we are able to show the public the lifestyle that will halt and eliminate 75% of these common, chronic killing diseases. The most essential component of this lifestyle is whole food plant-based nutrition.”

In her report, Dr. Esselstyn said that, “I initiated a long term study that treated seriously ill patients with coronary artery disease with plant-based nutrition and succeeded in the arrest and reversal of their disease. Patients lose weight, blood pressure normalizes, and type 2 diabetes improves or resolves, as do angina, erectile dysfunction, and peripheral vascular and carotid disease.

Sadly, today our adolescents are but a decade or 2 away from compounding this epidemic. It is time to tell the truth. Family history and genetic background do not cause this illness. It is not the luck of the draw. It is a matter of personal action and responsibility. Genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

The government finds it hard to deal with this alarming rate, however, the information needed is actually readily available. All the government needs is a measure to offer public awareness and education about these matters. The public needs to be presented with the direct link between these diseases and diets consisting heavily of meat and dairy products. Eventually, this will lead to possible lifestyle changes and lesser healthcare costs.

There is a solid evidence that plant based diets can be a potentially direct solution to chronic diseases and health care expenditures. In this view, the World Preservation Foundation stated that instead of recommendations, the government should lead by example and provide incentives and campaigns to help the society shift to a plant-based diet.




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