Diet Solutions for the Elderly

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For older people, some chronic diseases require a specific diet: heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc..

Solution: the third age persons can use the services of a nutritionist to get a personalized diet and continue to enjoy tasty and varied food.

Some older people can not chew food, because of dental problems or mouth dryness. Therefore, these people give up fruits and vegetables and meat.

Solution: replace hard to chew food with something more soft:
– Fruit juice, stewed peaches, apples, pears, fruits in syrup – instead of raw fruit
– Juice of vegetables and mashed cooked vegetables – instead of raw vegetables
– Minced meat, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding and soup – instead of steak
– Cooked cereal, rice, cereals, soft cookies – instead of bread

Some older people face indigestion caused by eating certain foods. But excluding food that causes problems results in lack of important nutrients: vitamins, minerals, calcium, fiber and protein.

Solution: replace foods that cause indigestion with others from the same group:
– Dairy (yogurt, pudding, cream soup, cheese) – instead of milk
– Carrots, potatoes, beans, vegetable juices – instead of raw vegetables (cabbage, broccoli)
– Juices and stewed fruit – instead of fresh fruit

Many older adults take medications that affects appetite, but also absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients.

Solution: Ask your doctor if medications prescribed affects appetite or taste of food. If so, try changing drugs. If not possible, add an extra flavor to food with natural spices (pepper, oregano, bay leaves, cinnamon, etc..)

Some changes in mobility and dexterity can affect the ability of individuals to shop or cook. Many elderly depend on family members to provide them food.

Solution: use home delivery services offered by supermarkets and restaurants. If they are not available in your area, you can contact a member of the family, friends and neighbors to shop in your place. If you can not cook, buy precooked or ready-prepared food – this can be consumed easily, with minimal effort.

Elderly people often live alone and do not feel motivated to cook or to feed themselves properly.

Solution: Buy easily prepared foods rich in nutrients. Milk, cereals, fruits, vegetables and protein sources can help you have a healthy diet without excess calories. Another solution is to eat with family or friends.

A lot of older people have low incomes, which limits their purchasing power and possibilities of transport (taxi, etc..) to shop.

Solution: Some foods are very nutritious, without being expensive (beans, peas, rice, pasta, etc..). In general, try to target seasonal fruits and vegetables, they are more affordable, and tastier.



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