Dieting: Determination and Denomination

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As the New Year got close, people all over the country, America promised to manage their health in a much better way to be healthier in the year 2012. As per a new research, those who have initiated the new weight loss programs will be astonished to discover that both the location and their level of experience has great role to be played in their being successful. An article got published in a periodical called “The journal of Black Psychology”. This article proved that the African American women who were about to initiate a novel group of weight loss program found themselves to be more successful if they were less experienced with weight management.

The researchers of this study analyzed two groups of women who were involved in the same weight loss program. These two groups were required to have meeting every week either at the church or at the university. After a period of 13 weeks the researchers discovered that the women who met in the church could be seen with much weight loss than those women who met at the university. Also the women who worked upon and set changes in their diet and exercise practices for the very first time had a significant weight loss than the women who just tried to maintain their weight.

55 African American women participated in the study which required them to bring some changes in their in their diet, exercise practices which helped in producing moderate but lasting weight loss results. At the end of study the participants were weighted and had a post and pre treatment physical fitness test. The authors provided with the results that it becomes difficult for the women to lose weight when they start new programs since they are less likely to seek support for the efforts they put in. The encouraging and supporting environment of the church proved to be as motivational factor for the weight loss.




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