Dieting post marathon 1. Dieting tips

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The actual ratio between the importance of nutrition and exercise is 70/30, which means that you should really focus on your diet and really go deep into it and focus on the food you consume.

Probably the most important reason that you are overweight in the first place, is that you have or have had bad nutritional habits over the past years.
So you have to understand that it took time gaining all that weight, it will also take time losing it. The first tip I will give you is to start counting your calories, just note down how much you eat.

There is a simple formula that can quickly calculate the number of calories you need for losing weight.

For example if you weigh 180 pounds, the amount of food you should eat to effectively lose weight is 180 x 10 = 1800 . So you should consume 1800 calories every day in order to progress. Now while this might be a small number when you first look at it, it is actually not so small.

The second tip is, that you should start consuming the right food, for example, proteins are the best to eat while trying to lose weight. Since they are less likely to manifest as body fat in your body.

Happy Dieting

The third tip is that you stay away from processed food, the problem of obesity usually doesn’t come from

eating too much fats, but it comes from consuming too much processed carbohydrates. So what are processed carbohydrates? They are the food we consume every day, like white flour,and white bread. All types of food that contain sugar, such as candy and ice-cream. Carbohydrates are basically energy for your body, and since processed carbohydrates lose their energetic value when they are processed, they will most likely absorb directly as body fat.

So stay away from processed carbohydrates and stick to simple carbohydrates in a form of fresh vegetables and pasta. There is a false belief that fats are actually the ones that are building up out body fat.
This is mostly not true, there are also fats that can benefit your body and even help you lose weight, such as omega 3 and omega 6 fats, that are actually essential for our body as it can’t produce them itself.
So it is essential that you do consume these kind of fats, since you will benefit from them. This doesn’t mean you can go ahead and eat a bunch of food soaked with oil. This simply means that you should choose your types of food carefully and watch carefully what you buy.

One last tip, always check on the back of the product for their energetic value, you will see that the energetic values of food are written in grams. Why is that? It’s because people want fat-free products and by telling you how many grams of each type of food there is in the product they are deceiving you. What you don’t know is that the energetic value of fats is actually twice as much as proteins or carbohydrates.

So if you see 5 grams of fats it is actually 45 calories of fats.
And if you see 5 grams of proteins that is actually 20 calories of proteins.
That’s why sometimes we need to use diet food home delivery to provide us the best foods.



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