Difference in addict’s cravings of men and women

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Gender matters when it comes to addictions for certain things. A new research by the researchers of Yale school of medicine recommends that “depression robustly activates regions of brain which are concerned with cravings in women dependent on cocaine”. Whereas the drug cues activates parallel regions of brain in men dependent on cocaine. The research along with its findings will be published in an American Journal of Psychiatry. This periodical recommends that cocaine dependence in men and women might benefit them more with the treatment options. There is dissimilarity in treatment results for individuals with addictions who go through stress induced drug cravings and those individuals whose cravings were encouraged by drug cues.

Professor of prychiatry and child study, Marc Potenza says that it is imperative to understand the biological mechanisms which are the main reasons for these cravings. The investigators then held practical magnetic resonance imaging scans of 36 control subjects who drank occasionally and 30 cocaine dependent individuals. While studying their brain scans, the investigators then offered the participants with customized events and situations. These situations were the ones in which they had indicated depression and other cues involving alcohol and cue.

As expected by the researchers, the individuals who were dependent on cocaine demonstrated greater activation in wide regions of brain connected to activation and motivation than the regulated subjects. The patterns of activation amid the groups fluctuated markedly in men and women when they were presented with drug cues or stress. Marc Potenza, recommends that women who were dependent on cocaine might benefit from the therapies of stress reduction. These therapies are particularly targeted towards these cravings.  On the other hand, men might derive benefits from the components of cognitive behavior therapy or a program that is based on principals of alcoholic anonymous.




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