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This is the first post about natural treatments, I think this is a very hot topic so will post more in future. Why should we use propolis?

Nature is a continuous source of benefits for our body. Surprisingly, or not, nature has always been besides us supporting our fight against diseases. Not all people know that the basis of the nowadays medicines is found in natural products. Most drugs have in their composition a natural substance.

In this article I want to inform you about the benefits of bee propolis. This is an extraordinary product that does not cost much and can be found very easy on the market.Bee and Propolis

Here are the main properties of propolis:

1. Antibiotic. Yes, propolis is a natural antibiotic. You can use it to treat throat affections like pharyngitis, tonsillitis and cough. In case you suffer minor injuries like scratches, cuts and other skin lesions, you can apply propolis tincture on the affected area and you will see how a new peel will form and cover the bleeding zone. This peel will keep away bacteria, dust and other impurities from reaching your wound. In 2 or 3 days, depending on the deepness of the skin injury, the previous peel will fall down and you will see that your skin will look as new.

2. Anti-inflammatory. Propolis can be used in treating inflammatory affections like prostatitis, tooth pains, acne, and kidney and liver inflammations. Internal use as well as external use is possible with propolis. For an internal use put 30 drops of propolis tincture into a glass of water and drink it the way it is twice a day. You will see that when getting in contact with water the propolis tincture will get a white-yellowish color. This is a normal reaction.

3. Antihypertensive. For those who suffer of hypertension and want to follow a natural treatment, propolis tincture is a great solution. 40 drops daily of propolis tincture will solve their problem.

4. Skin affections like acne and other dermatitis can be treated with external application of propolis tincture. As medical alcohol sometimes can not be applied on those affected skin areas, propolis can. It might sting a little bit but in a few seconds the discomfort will disappear.

5. Rinsing your mouth with water containing propolis tincture can diminish tooth aches, throat aches and heal gingivitis and aphathae. This is because propolis has an anesthetic effect as well as healing properties passed on antibiotic and tissue renewal effect.

6. Burnings too can be treated with propolis. Applying propolis on a fist grade burn will prevent vesicles from forming on the surface of the skin. Not to mention that a new tissue will form faster if using bee propolis.

Propolis can be found as a tincture, but also in sprays that can be used for pulverizing over wounds, creams that will be applied over painful body areas, and even candies for those who suffer of pharyngitis and have a throat ache.

Propolis is a great natural solution for treating all kind of affections, but not all people know about its existence. I hope this article will trigger a bit of an interest from you concerning this wonderful natural medicine, as it is a pity to ignore something so little but also so powerful for out health.




  1. I love your focus on natural remedies and am I fan of “propolis lozenges” in the winter time.


  2. Its great to see an article promoting propolis. It is another wonderful natural product from bees. Most people think of the honey they produce, and are not aware that both propolis and pollen are also very useful. Propolis is after all what the bees use themselves to protect their hive.

    Another property that you hadn’t mentioned above – it is antifungal. Thus either an ointment or tincture can be good for things such as athletes foot (which I’ve heard some homeopaths recommend it for). Putting some tincture over an area, and then allowing the alcohol in it to evaporate, leaves the affected area encased in propolis.

    There are now many products available, there are some examples of the variety here:
    Or have a look around your local health shop. You can even get it in toothpaste.
    It has been an old beekeepers trick to suck on a piece of propolis for a sore throat, although the lozenges you can now find (and Jeff mentions) will probably taste a bit better.

    Looking forward to your next articles on other natural treatments.

  3. Thanks for such an informative post.
    Herbal medicines are very useful for us if we use it and it is not harm our health.

  4. This was a very informative article. I look forward to some more blogs. Thanks!

  5. Honey and Bees! says:

    The propolis is a natural antibiotic which is gaining increasing popularity among alternative therapies practitioners. This is one of the bees’ products that are a proof of their amazing organizational abilities. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article, it’s very informative. :)

  6. I take bee propolis vitimans are the benifits the same?

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