Diseases which are inherited from mother

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New studies consider that through the genetic inheritance from the mother, children may manifest her various diseases.

It is true that physical traits like hair color, height is the result of complex interactions between genes inherited from mother and father, but diet and other environmental factors that influence us in life are so complex that no scientist can fully understand. Here are nine diseases which are inherited from the mother.


1. Overview
2. Migraines
3. Breast cancer
4. Depression
5. Obesity
6. Physical condition
7. Rheumatoid arthritis
8. Early menopause
9. Alzheimer’s disease
10. Cardiovascular disease


There is a probability of 70-80% for you to suffer from migraines if your mother suffers from them. Researchers believe an abnormal gene can cause severe headaches, and it can be inherited.

If the gene is abnormal, external factors are likely to trigger the pain centers in the brain, which causes headache. Other triggers include hormones during the menstrual cycle as well as certain foods such as coffee, chocolate, cheese, citrus and red wine.

Breast cancer

Women with mutated BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes have an increased risk of breast cancer. Most women with abnormal gene will manifest breast cancer in young. As a preventive measure, it is very important for women to do mammograms after age 40.

If you have a blood relative who had breast cancer, you should be monitored more carefully. Some women who have abnormal gene and a family history of breast cancer choose to do mastectomy as a prophylactic measure to reduce the chance of developing the disease.


It is known that mental illness, including depression occurs within the same family. Scientists believe that there is a probability of 10% to inherit it, if this is present in your family medical history.

It is important to get enough sleep, avoid alcohol, fatigue and stress that the risk of depression to be diminished.


In people with two copies of the FTO fat gene susceptibility to obesity is 70% higher than those who have no copy of the gene. Studies have confirmed that 4% of girls with normal weight mothers are obese, while 41% of girls who were overweight became obese mothers.

It seems that apple-shaped body is genetically transmitted in greater proportion than the character of pear-shaped or thin body. Did your mother encouraged you to eat more to grow during childhood, and this has turned into a habit that is difficult to quit?

Even if you can’t have control over your genetic heritage, you can try to keep track of calories and fat intake to maintain a healthy weight. Equally important is to make exercise and to maintain an active lifestyle.

Physical condition

The physical condition may be genetically inherited in a proportion up to 50%. Even if everyone is aware of the need to exercise to strengthen muscles is true that for some people is enough less physical activity, compared with others, to have the same body-condition and muscle tone.

Generally, to maintain physical condition, any person should do 30-45 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least three days a week.

Rheumatoid arthritis

If your mother had rheumatoid arthritis, the possibility for you to develop the disease increases by 50%. This condition occurs when the immune system attacks the body, leading to mucosal inflammation that affects the joints and cartilage.

However, if disease is present in family history, does not mean that you will manifest the disease. Researchers say that rheumatoid arthritis is more common in people who smoke and consume large amounts of red meat and caffeine.

Early menopause

If your mother suffered early menopause, the risk of the condition is 70-85%. Researchers say the average age of onset of menopause is 51 years, but in one of 20 women, the process begins before the age of 46 years – four specific genes act together and increase the risk.

Studies that have looked at the sisters and analyzed the early menopause, shows that the menopause age of onset was genetically predetermined in proportion of 85%. Can’t do anything to prevent early menopause, but may require doctor’s advice regarding how you can improve symptoms.

Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists have identified genes that may predispose some people to some types of dementia. If your mother suffered from early onset of Alzheimer’s disease, the risk of developing the disease increases by 30-50%.

There are likely to reduce the risk of developing dementia by 20% if you maintain your weight and maintain healthy cholesterol levels within normal limits after age of 35.

Cardiovascular disease

If your mother suffered a heart attack or angina pectoris due to blocked arteries, several studies show that you may have a higher risk (with 20%) than other people to develop heart disease.

In addition to that, increases the risk of stroke if your mother has experienced one. The situation can be explained by the fact that you inherited vascular disease affecting arteries of the heart and the brain.

However, it can’t be certainty said why the presence of a stroke in the mother’s medical history, affects the health of his daughter. Researchers are not sure that genes or other lifestyle factors have a greater influence.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is imperative for a healthy heart. For this purpose, do not smoke, keep your weight healthy, eat foods low in saturated fat and drink alcohol only occasionally.



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