DNA Studies prove malaria have passed from Gorillas

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Among different diseases that exist, we are sometimes concerned of where do they come from? Against what should we take care? According to scientists, malaria this parasitic and mosquito-borne disease, may have been caused by gorillas. Malaria is caused from Plasmodium.

It is transferred from the female mosquito names as Anopheles Mosquito. Every year in Africa more than 1 million people die from malaria. Hann, one of the scientists involved in the study said that gorilla’s parasite were much the same with human parasites.

In order to study the genetic material in apes, scientists cannot take blood samples, but they took faecal material of more than 2700 samples from two different types of gorilla. The result was that the plasmodium in humans did not match much with those in chimpanzees, rather it matched with the gorillas of the western gorillas in Central and West Africa.

According to other scientists, it doesn’t mean necessarily to be infected with malaria from a mosquito, it also exist from blood transfer -perhaps while a gorilla was being butchered for food, a way that many scientists believe that was the first way that malaria spread to humans.
Malaria cannot be cured, neither exist a vaccine, but there are drugs that can help to control it and prevent its spread.



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