Do Heart Attacks Occur Again After Treatment?

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One of the most common and frequent forms of heart attacks is termed popularly as myocardial infarction. Infarction results from a block or obstruction in the flow of blood to the parts of the heart. The result of myocardial infarction is that the heart cells will be destroyed. What happens is that the coronary artery is blocked with any matter which could be lipids or even the white blood cells. The sudden disruption in the flow of blood can lead to severe consequences like damage of the heart and its tissues, or even death. Most of the heart attacks have been found to be the cases of myocardial infarction. This means that it has assumed the scale of almost an epidemic. So, doctors try to develop new cures and also advise people about preventing such heart attacks.

For some time now, a situation known as the STEMI (ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction) has been troubling the people, from doctors to the patients themselves. US holds the distinction of being a country equipped with the best medical care facilities for the patients of STEMI. People are cured from the side effects of heart attackswith surgical procedures and also medical equipment like stents and other such modern devices. However, a recent study for myocardial infarction was spearheaded by the Duke University Medical Center is supposed to inquire whether there are any trends of readmission of patients suffering from STEMI. The study has corroborated solid scientific evidence with the aid of Assessment Of Pexelizumab In Acute Myocardial Infarction Study.

A whopping 5, 745 patients of STEMI were put under the scanner in this study. These were from countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand and also many European countries. The results showed some stunning revelations. Out of them, 5,571 people actually managed to be fully cured of their problems and were not readmitted within the predicted 30 day period. This means that they were fully cured from the myocardial infarction. On the other hand, 631 people were not so lucky. It was evident that they had suffered from heart attacks again and they were readmitted to hospitals and clinics. A sizable chunk of the readmitted patients were from US, more than any other nation. However, in Germany, the patients stayed long on readmission for 8 days against USA’s figure of 3 days.

The researchers have found out some factors directly responsible for the readmission of people suffering from myocardial infarction in USA. One factor is that US houses a large number of people with multi-vessel diseases in the heart and other organs. This has been coupled with heart attacks caused due to chronic inflammation, chronic pulmonary disease and other such contributors. However, many patients were also found to be readmitted due to other causes and problems. Whatever the reality may be, there is no denying that there is now an urgent need to improve the medical care facilities and amenities in US. In this way, they can fare better than other countries and their medical care facilities and services.



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