Do I Need An Eye Exam ?

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If you have eyes that do not seem to do what you want them to do, you may have that nagging question in the back of your mind; “Do I need an Eye Exam ?”. Read on to find out some facts about that important part of your body, your eyes.

Eye ExaminationThe eyes are the windows of the soul. You are the soul they are behind. Keeping those “windows” in good shape so you can enjoy the beauty of the world should a be a top priority for you. Do you feel like your eyes are weaker than they use to be ? When you try to focus on far away objects, do you find it harder than usual ? Take note of these events as they are indicators that a problem, albeit temporary could be taking place.

Pain is the normal event that takes place when there are problems in the body, except for the eyes. They do not always have that tell-tale signal of pain when a negative situation is happening. For this reason, you need to be more sensitive to what is going on with your eyes. They change gradually as you get older. Glaucoma, cataracts, and other problems happen gradually. They are nevertheless dangerous diseases that do not announce they have arrived with any amount of pain.

This makes an eye exam a necessary part of life. An optometrist is an highly qualified individual who can help you know what is going on with your eyes. But you can do some of what the optometrist does. You know those eye charts that you do not like ? You can get one for yourself. The correct space to put between yourself and the eye chart is twenty feet or 6.1 meters. When you are doing the exam you will need sufficient light for the eye chart. If you use another person to help you while you are reading the chart it will cut down on the time you need to finish your exam. If you can find a snellen eye chart, it is the format used for most eye exams. The second line from the bottom is the correct line to try and read from 6.1 meters. If you can read it, great ! You have normal vision.

If your family has had a history of eye problems or disease, then that question; “Do I Need An Eye Exam ?”, may have a deeper significance for you than for the average person. In your case, a simple eye exam with the eye chart may not be enough. For you, a trip to the optometrist to examine the inside of your eyes will be a good idea. For children, it is important to discover eye problems before they develop into bigger ones. The optometrist can check for binocular problems, myopia ( can only see well up close ), hyperopia ( can only see well for distant objects ), and other abnormalities. For the older crowd, he or she will check for cataracts, degenerated retina and glaucoma.

If you consider the value of your eyes, and how you use them practically every waking moment of your life, you are probably already getting regular eye exams. If not, losing another day with a problem in your eyes should be giving you strong thoughts of this question.

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