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Million hearts Initiative

Greeting cards and e-cards have always been around for us to send to our loved ones. How many times do we actually send a card as a “heads-up” for yourself to take care of your own health? The National Million hearts Initiative, it appears, have made it possible for anyone to send a perfect Christmas Gift this season for their loved ones while taking a pledge to improve one’s own health.

Health is indeed wealth, and it’s for everyone. The National Million Hearts Initiative has now launched their online postcards or e-cards that allow people to give a “gift of opportunity” to “take care of their own health”. The e-cards are available for free on their website  and also on multiple social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Million hearts Initiative is an ambitious national initiative in the U.S to “prevent over 1 million heart attacks and strokes in the next five years.

The new initiative helps people to send out greeting cards to friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues and family. The difference in these cards — as compared to many available already – is that they are like a humble reminder to people who love you that you care about your health and that you’ll do hat it takes to become healthier and make changes to your lifestyle to bring about changes for your better health.

Roughly, one in 3 people in the U.S die of a cardiovascular diseases. An incredible 2,200 people die of heart diseases each day while upwards of 2 million Americans suffer from heart attacks and stroke each year. The card initiative is also an opening door for individuals and organizations to learn more about their “health ABCS“ which, according to the million hearts website, stands for Aspirin, Blood Pressure Control, Cholesterol management, and Smoking Cessation.

Million hearts Initiative aims to decrease the number the incidences of heart conditions as less than 50% Americans have no or little control on their diseases while only 33% of Americans receive adequate treatment for their high cholesterol levels.

This initiative, as it seems, is a promise to America that its citizens do have the possibility of living healthier and longer.



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