Does Your Child Have Autism Behaviors?

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Kids with Autism spectrum disorders, who are also diagnosed with complex behavioral issues, react better to medication if it is united with training for their parents than just the treatment of medication alone. Researchers from Yale along with their colleagues reported this in an American periodical, February issue.  Complicated behavioral issues intervene with daily living for kids and their families, says senior author on the research Lawrence Scahill, who is a professor. Reducing these complicated problems will result in children managing their regular life in much better way.

Scahill along with his research team completed a state funded multi-site trial on about 12 kids (ages 4-13) who were suffering from Autism spectrum disorders. The research was conducted at three U.S. sites which included Indiana University, Ohio State University and Yale. Further to Autism Spectrum Disorders, kids in the study had complicated behavioral issues which included prolonged tantrums, self injurious behavior, and aggression on regular basis. The kids in the study were haphazardly assigned to medication only for nearly 6 months along with a structured teaching program for their parents for 6 months. This training included daily visits to the clinics to train the parents how to react to the behavior issues to help their kids adapt to regular living situations.

The study medication is authorized for the treatment of complicated behavioral issues in kids with Autism. In an initial report from this clinic trial, we displayed that the united treatment was superior to medication only, in diminishing the complicated behavioral issues, said Scahill. In a recent report, we have proved that the combination treatment was much superior then the medication only on measures of adaptive behavior. Scahil says that medication alone and when pooled with treatment showed progress in functional interaction and social communication.



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