Drug Allergies—How They Are Discovered?

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The research which got printed in the periodical Nature exposed how certain medicines inadvertently aim the immune system of the individuals to modify how individual’s immune system views its own tissues. Individual’s immune system thereafter targets the foreign nature of the tissues as if they were not compatible transplants. The research displayed that the biological functioning by which an individual’s precise tissue kind ascertains if they will develop the medicine allergy or not. Professor of the Department of Immunology and Microbiology from the Melbourne University say that this is a prominent discovery which reveals the molecular basis of a team of drug hypersensitivity.

A whole group of drug allergy is possibly to be justified by this discovery, said the main professor who led the research along with other researcher from the Melbourne University. There are numerous medicines which can result in life threatening disease like skin rashes and few other sings like diarrhea, fever, pains and muscle aches. A simple blood test might aid in predicting adverse reactions in the cure of comprehensive circumstances like epilepsy, AIDS, Gout and infections.

The research was carried out by the student of PhD from the University of Melbourne, who applied a combination of cellular immunology, structural biology, and mass spectrometry at the Australian Synchroton to ascertain the modifications in how the immune system of the individuals acknowledged the individual’s own tissues in various human species.

The investigators say that the next step is to prove the functioning in other medicine allergies which are associated to personal tissue type to make sure that the testing of patients before taking any drug to avert its reaction. This research was held in collaboration with the Queensland Institute in Australia and was also supported by the Council of Australian Research.



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