Drug Overdose: More Likely To Occur With HIV Individuals Who Uses Drugs

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With the growing problem on the continuous spread of the virus that causes HIV infection, many researchers and scientists are investing their time and effort in conducting further studies which will give a deeper understanding of the disease process and the hope to discover a possible cure.

Also, a person with HIV is known to be at a greater risk to acquire different diseases due to suppression of the immune system which leads to easy invasion of many microorganisms that is present in the environment. But not only this, recently, experts found out that those individuals who are affected with HIV and at the same time drug users are at higher risk of developing drug over dose, according to a new evidence.

The reviews of studies which appeared online in advance of print in the journal AIDS included the review and evaluation of about 24 previous studies which delve on the relationship between HIV and drug use.

It is already an established fact that those individuals who are using drugs especially those drugs which necessitates to be injected are at higher risk of having the virus that causes HIV infection. Many studies and researches have been tackling this idea and the link between drugs users and HIV. However, many researchers have overseen the association between drug overdose and individuals with HIV. This is primarily because attention is focused on the detection of how the virus is being spread and how to stop it.

The new review on the other hand delves on the link between drug overdose and individuals who are having the said disease. According to the Rhode Island Hospital researchers, individuals who are infected with HIV are at higher risk of developing drug over dose which is usually the cause of death among HIV individuals. Researchers said that the higher risk of drug overdose can be probably due to behavioral factors including high-risk lifestyles and increase in the rate of psychiatric conditions; and biological factors which include the suppress immune system, and presence of opportunistic infections among individuals with HIV.

Moreover, according to study leader Traci Green, a researcher with Rhode Island Hospital and the Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Center for AIDS Research, she said: “over the past 30 years, we have made impressive strides in caring for and prolonging the lives of people with HIV. Our study found that premature death by overdose is an issue that affects people with HIV disproportionately.”




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