Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Starts During Teenage Years

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A recent survey of US teens discovers that many teens have consumed drugs and alcohol by the time they reach their teenage. The recent research, posted online in a periodical ascertained that around 80 % of the teens had consumed alcohol and above 15% were abusing it by the time they reached the age of 18 years. Many 16% were abusing drugs at the age of 18 years. In contrast, around 18% of the adults meet the regulations of alcohol and 11% meet the standards for drugs abuse, the research observed, recommending an early beginning for at least some of those regular abusers. It their adolescent age, when the beginning of substance abuse disorders takes place for many individuals, says that leader of the research Dr. Joel Swendsen.

Substances risky for young minds:

The cause why we are worried about this is that the early they applied these substances, they more early, they become addicted to it. Foster, who was not engaged in this research, said that initiating to use possible addictive substances is particularly risky for young individuals as their brains are still progressing. There is really a kind of rewiring which continues with going on use that can lead to augmented interest in using and the incapability to stop using it. The recent research is based on the interviews which were taken amid the years 2001-2004.

From around 3700 teens, from the age of 13-14, only 10% were consuming alcohol on daily basis and were defined as 12 drinks within a year. This figure jumped to nearly 50% in the year 2003. As for drugs, around 60% of the teenagers said that they had the chance to consume illegal drugs. This research will prove to be helpful for the parents and the health care professionals in stopping the teens consuming these illegal things.

Drug rehab and alcohol rehab are the most important steps in helping the teens that went to the ‘dark side’.



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