Dry cracked heels? Here are some tips on how to deal with them

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Dry and cracked heels are not a pleasant view to anyone especially to the owner and besides this they are quite painful and disturbing. There are a lot of things you can do for feeling better and for getting a healthy feet aspect. I will post here easy but very effective things you can do, even at a low cost for getting your feet back on track again.


Wash your feet everyday with warm water and baby soap preferably (this type of soap will not dry your feet as a regular soap) and dry them up very well, paying close attention to the skin in between the toes. Act gently and avoid rubbing this area for you will do nothing but harm. If you feel like it in the water you will wash your feet at the end of the day you can add special feet bathing products that will help your skin maintain its moisture. If you do not have such a product at hand you can use natural elements that you have in your own kitchen for moisturizing your heels. Think of honey for example.

Honey can be used as a face mask alone or combined with other natural ingredients. If honey is good for the face skin that is so fragile, why wouldn’t be great for dry feet too? So, you can either add a few spoons of honey in your bathing water (and let your feet rest there for 10 minutes and then rise your feet with clear water) or you can use honey for a feet mask. Apply honey generously on your heels and the top side of your feet and then cover the area up with a warm towel. Leave this feet mask to work for 20 minutes and then rise it off with water.

A cream or a foot ointment is always welcomed and should be used regularly especially if you know you feet have the tendency to dry easily. Creams that contain shea butter, vitamin E and glycerin are the best to use for dry heels and feet. Also, keep in mind that free of perfume and alcohol feet creams are the best to use on a dry skin. An intense feet repair treatment would consist of generously applying moisturizing cream on your feet before bedtime and then pulling on a pair of clean cotton socks and leaving them on for the night. In the morning your feet will look a lot better and less cracked or dry.

Also, make sure your diet includes aliments that are rich in vitamin A (this is one of the vitamins that keep your skin healthy) like carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach and pumpkin.

Sometimes cracked heels are a sign that you might suffer of a local fungus infection and this is why you can’t prevent your skin from getting dry even when using a foot moisturizer. In this case you should go see a dermatologist. If your feet are affected by a fungus infection you will probably receive one or two creams that will get you rid of that infection in a week or two.




  1. Apply mashed ripe banana on the heels and leave on for 10 minutes to dry. Then rinse off well with water. This remedy will provide much needed relief from the pain of heel cracks.

  2. Honey? Who knew that would be good for the health of your feet. Everyone I know has problems with dry crackly feet. I’ll definitely be forwarding this article to many people. Thanks!

  3. Very Nice informative post!! An alternative way of keeping your feet healthy and out of pain is the usage of herbal creams.

  4. nice feet : )

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