Early Pregnancy Related To Multiple Sclerosis

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Women who have suffered from many pregnancies have less threat of getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, as per a research which was published in an online periodical of Neurology. This medical periodical belonged to the American Academy of Neurology. In their research, the threat went down with each pregnancy and the advantage was permanent, says Anne Louise Ponsonby, an author and PhD from a research institute in Australia. The investigators reviewed the details about 282 men and women from Australia amid the ages of 18-59 who had an initial identification of central nervous demyelination, which symbolizes they had their initial symptoms that were same as multiple sclerosis, however they were not detected of the multiple sclerosis disease.

They were contrasted with 542 men and women who had no multiple sclerosis symptoms. For women, the number of pregnancies enduring at least 20 weeks as well as the number of live births was tracked. For men, the figure of kids born was tracked. the research ascertained that women who became pregnant 2 or more than 2 times had 1/4th risk of getting detected with multiple sclerosis symptoms and women who had 5 or more than 5 pregnancies had 1/20th risk of getting detected with symptoms than the women who had never been pregnant. There was no link amid the amount of kids and the threat of multiple sclerosis symptoms in men.

The rate of multiple sclerosis cases has augmented in women since the last few years and their research recommends that this might be because the mothers who had children in the late life and had few children than they have in the last years, says Ponsonby. This news was provided by American Academy of Neurology.


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