Early Signs of Alzheimer’s disease can Be Detected through Brain Size

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Older individuals who are already at their 60’s and 70’s are at most risk of having diseases which involves degeneration of the vital organs which also leads to degeneration of its functions. Because of these, older individuals need special care and attention in order for them to be well guided on how to take care of themselves and in order for them to make feel good. One of the most common diseases which affect older individuals is the Alzheimer’s diseases. Many researchers and health care professionals are still continuing to invest their time and effort in order for them to conduct advance studies which can help give a deeper knowledge and idea on the disease process of many individuals who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, another study revealed additional information in terms of early development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Recently, according to a new research, the size of the brain has a bearing on the possible signs of early Alzheimer’s disease. And many individuals who are not having any memory problems may be already at stake of having the said disease unnoticed.

The new study which was published in the online in the issue of Neurology involved the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 159 individuals who are not having signs and symptoms of dementia. These study participants belong to the average age of 76 years. In order to gather data regarding brain size, the researchers have used machines in the form of brain scans to quantify and gauge the thickness of the regions found in the brain cortex. Other researches revealed that those individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease actually had a decrease in the size of the brain cortex.

During the analysis of the results of the brain scans, researchers found out that about 19 individuals of the 159 study participants were diagnosed to be of high risk of developing early Alzheimer’s disease. This is because of the decrease in the size of some regions of the brain cortex found in these individuals which are similar among individuals who are having the disease. Also, about 116 individuals were said to be at an average risk, and 24 individuals were at low risk.

Moreover, researchers also conducted series of tests which measured the memory, problem solving abilities, and attention of the study participants. Further researches must also be conducted in conjunction with other significant tests.





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