Early Use of MS Drugs Can Slow Down Disease Progression

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A recent 3 year old research discovers that the drug of multiple sclerosis is more possible to avoid the patients from developing to a definite form of multiple sclerosis if it is given much earlier in the patients who seem to be ill. The medicine which is in the form of interferon is called the interferon beta-1 a. but is not accessible in US. It is but accessible in nations like Canada, European nations and elsewhere. Though we have recognized that it is very advantageous to initiate the MS drug quickly, this is the initial trial to display the merits of interferon beta 1 early injections at 3 years. This was said during a press release at the American Academy of Neurology. The research recorded around 517 individuals who had brain symptoms and lesions like numbness, tingling or balance problems which recommended individuals might have MS.

1/3rd of the research participants got 44 microgram doses of injections of interferon beta-1, 3 times per week, 1/3rd got the injection once every week and the rest 1/3rd got an inactive placebo for 2 years unless they displayed more symptoms of having that MS disease. At a point, the subjects were given the doses 2-3 times every week and following 2 years, about 133 individuals were still consuming placebos. Those who received the drug 3 times every week for the compete time period of the research of the study were less probable to be detected with MS. Around 27% of the subjects did so when they were evaluated against the 28% subjects who received only dose every week for the complete period and around 41% of those subjects who changed mid stream from the placebo to the initial MS drug.



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