Ease your back pain with yoga

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Yoga classes are considered to be effective for back related function as they have diminished the symptoms which the individual faces from unceasing low back pain. Though the classes prove to be intensively stretching, yet they relieve you from the unceasing back pain. In U.S. yoga classes are taken to be more successful than any self care book. The back related function got better and the symptoms diminished with regular yoga classes for 12 weeks. Yoga makes less application of pain medications and has been declared to be clinically important by Karen J. Sherman, senior investigator of Group Health Research Institute.

The American Yoga Association (AYA) states that yoga should not be practiced under the age of 16, as the poses induce pressure on various glands which can affect a child’s growth and development. As a result, the AYA opposes children’s books and products that lead cartoon characters through yoga poses without detailed instructions and warnings as to the risks of injury. While the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has not taken a position, it acknowledges yoga’s increased prevalence as a form of exercise,” says Livestrong.com.

A study was conducted on 228 individuals in which they were allocated to 12 weekly yoga classes or 75 minutes classes of stretching exercises or a wide-ranging self care book. These individuals had moderate pain and not rigorous back pain and were relatively in excellent mental health. The participants were given instructional videos and were encouraged to practice yoga or stretching exercises for at least 20 minutes. The interviewers then analyzed the pain symptoms and back related function of these individuals for 6 weeks, 12 weeks and then 6 months. The results showed that yoga was found to be much effective for the individuals to ease unceasing low back pain. The best feature of yoga is that it emphasizes the torso and legs. Yoga classes even focused on breathing exercises along with deep relaxation by the end.

Yoga surprised everyone with its great benefit on back symptoms and function since it involved strengthening and stretching of muscles. Individuals also realized that somewhere these stretching classes were similar to yoga classes, while yoga being the safest option. According to Dr. Sherman, it is mandatory that the classes should be therapeutically oriented and should be taught by instructors who have the capability to modify postures for participants’ physical and individual limitations.



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