Easing Depression With Shock Therapy

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A small research provides insight into how electro-shock therapy, an effectual however poorly understood cure for stress, influences the brains of the individual’s who are depressed. The researchers applied the functional MRI scans to have a look at the activity of brain in nine adults who suffered severe depression and stress after and before the electroshock therapy. The investigators discovered that electroshock therapy dampens the association amid various areas of the brain of the people who are very depressed. With the research they were able to ascertain that there is high connection and further they can show that the treatment removes depression.

However it might appear counterintuitive that individuals with depression, who are even lethargic, will have brains on overdrive, an explanation can be that they have much internal brain activity and thus are incapable of dealing with the external stimulation. The research can point to ways to enhance the electroshock therapy’s efficiency and security. In 76 year old history, the treatment has faced much opposition from the physicians due to the concerns of the side effects like memory loss. The electroshock therapy is generally used for those individuals who have never responded to the antidepressants or other kinds of treatment and are at threat of hurting others and themselves.

The specific part of the brain is engaged in cognition and communal behavior and has been concerned in stress; hence the findings are not surprising. The thing which is surprising is that not even one of the many brain regions which have been linked with depression was ascertained to possess cut-off lines of communication after the electroshock treatment. Apart from depression, functional MRI scans of the complete brain can provide insights into the conditions which can be linked with the changes in brain network, including dementia, autism, and schizophrenia.



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