Easing Tinnitus With Combination Therapy

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One individual in every five individuals experiences tinnitus, the irritating and many times extremely debilitating condition frequently referred to as ringing in ears along with the new research might provide some expectations for relief and calm for these patients. Although the situation presently has no cure, the investigators in Netherlands discovered that amalgamating two already present therapies might aid in more than one therapy. This study got published in the periodical Lancet. The techniques which are used in the research are not new, noted Dr. Eric Smouha, who is an assistant professor of otolaryngology and a director of neurotology and otology in the New York City. He was also not involved in the research, but the conclusion shows hope for these individuals. Tinnitus might be incredibly irritating and annoying for the patients and the doctors, said another doctor Michael Seidman, as there is no treatment for the condition and also the excellent and beneficial treatments are few.


The researcher points that the doctors look for certain underlying reasons however they are unable to find any such. Looking for a remedy, if any exists – is an extremely trial and error adventure. The dietary modifications along with therapy and some additional drugs also might help in curing the disease amid the individuals who suffer from this. Presently the doctors frequently rely on one of the 2 major treatments for tinnitus, of which one is the tinnitus retraining therapy and the other is cognitive behavioral therapy. Till date, although not a single investigator has studied how to work together, said the research author Rilana Cima along with her colleagues.

For the research over tinnitus, approximately 500 adult patients were evaluated and were given the therapies to ascertain the impact of the treatment and to see if the fetched excellent results.



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