Easy-to-Comprehend Caloric Facts Can Encourage Teens to Drink Water

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Many government states and health oriented institutions are bothered by the increasing number of children and teenagers who are getting overweight or obese. The problem is not just merely on the idea that obesity and being over weight is now conquering the society of the younger generation, but the problem can be seen based on the increase in the health risks of these younger individuals which predispose them to the development of certain diseases usually observed among adults.

It is even more concerning to see a child suffering from hypertension and heart attack. In response to these problems, certain government states had made a move in addressing this health issue by banning sugary drink products and higher caloric content food products in the school vicinity. However, it seemed that the number of teens who are obese and overweight remained steady.

Recently, according to a new research, Black teenagers can be encouraged to go for water over the consumption of sugary drink products and other high caloric food products if they are provided with well and easy to understand nutritional facts that are present in the said beverages. Also, giving information in terms of the span of time needed in order to burn the calories through certain exercises can be of help as well.

The new study which was published in the American Journal of Public Health involved the analysis and evaluation of data gathered from about 4 stores located in Baltimore in which the neighborhood is actually composed mostly by the blacks. These 4 stores are noted to have a low income.

In the study, the researchers have posted one informative signs in each of the stores. These signs include one of the following: percentage of total recommended daily intake; and physical activity equivalent; absolute caloric count. Researchers have evaluated data from the recorded 1,600 purchases of various beverages in the four stores of the black teenagers. These teens on average belong to the age group of 12 to 18 years.

Moreover, researchers found out that providing easy to comprehend information on the caloric content of these beverages might be an effective strategy in encouraging and urging teenagers to drink water instead of buying sugary drink products which are considered high caloric drinks. By this method, teenagers become wary and vigilant about the nutritional facts of the food and drinks they are consuming.





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