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I take care of me, using the latest cosmetics for skin however I have a loaded and dehydrated skin. This happens to most of us when we take into account only external factors and local skin care.

They say that the health of a person is recognizable by the appearance of skin. It should be remembered that the skin is an excretory organ with the colon, kidneys and lungs. The appearance of the skin may be influenced by a variety of factors, from the genetic to the level of pollution, hormonal changes or stress.

Basically, a beautiful and healthy skin can be obtained through a local permanent care but especially by keeping in perfect running conditions of other organs responsible for the excretion of toxins.

Thus, the functioning of the colon should be maintained healthy. How? By a sufficient intake of dietary fiber that regulate bowel movements and accelerate the disposal of the body. These fibers are found in: fresh fruits (not associated with other food groups consumed), green vegetables, sprouted grains and whole grains.

Attention! if you consume enough fiber, but insufficient water, worsen constipation! Also fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that delay the aging process. Combination of food is essential to prevent constipation. Protein and complex carbohydrates should be consumed at different meals to prevent intestinal fermentation. The amount of unhealthy fats in the diet (butter, cream, margarine, fried foods) should be eliminated, and healthy fats will be consumed in moderation: nuts, seeds, fish and olive oil.

The kidneys will be maintained in good running conditions with an adequate consumption of fresh water or mineral water (minimum 35 ml / kg / day) to hydrate the body and eliminate toxins. Morning recommended consumption of a glass of hot water and lemon to cleanse mucus created during the night. Excessive coffee and alcohol consumption leads, in fact, to removal of body fluids and dehydration. Kitchen salt consumed in excess affects the skin, making it soft and congested.

Breathing correct and deep helps lung system to function normally. In addition, oxygen acts as a powerful detoxifying. By artificial breathing, brain, adrenal and pituitary glands, kidneys, spleen and liver will suffer. Last but not least, quit smoking because nicotine prevents nutrient uptake in the body and blood poisoning.

Local, apply skin care moisturizers, hypoallergenic and a few times a week can apply on the face (or any other portion of the skin), natural honey for 30 minutes, after which the skin remains soft and fresh.



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