Eating A Bit Slower Might Help in Cutting Down Weight

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Obesity and overweight across the globe have been major health issues which are striking not only the adults but as well as the teenagers and the young children. It is a proven fact that being obese and overweight is accompanied by many health risks which can the life of the person into danger. Some of these health risk includes the development of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and heart attack, also, the person who is obese might suffer from his heavy weight which make him unable to do some activities which entails body movement and strenuous activities. Hence, many medical health professionals and researchers are continuing to conduct further studies on how to reduce the weights that obese and over weight individuals are carrying. In fact, a new researches say that eating a little bit slower than the usually can actually help in cutting down weights.

The two studies which that tackled about the possible way of losing weights through slowing down of eating were presented at the annual meeting of the Obesity Society in Orlando, Fla. One of the finding of the studies include the gender differences in terms of the rate of eating. According to study author Kathleen Melanson, director of the university’s Energy Balance Laboratory, she said: “A marked gender difference is certainly there. Part of it might be that men have larger (mouths), but it also might be related to higher energy needs. Another possibility could be related to social norms — women may feel they have to eat slower.”

In the first study presented, the researchers found out that those individuals who are considered as the fast eaters can consume about 3.1 ounces of food per minute. This amount of food per minutes already considered large enough for that specific amount of time. Also, medium speed eaters can consume about 2.5 ounces per minute while those individuals who are considered as slow eaters can consume about 2 ounces of food per minute. With these findings, those fast eaters can actually consume large amount of calories which will then be converted into energies and fat if unused.

In the second study, researchers found out a link between the Body Mass Index and eating rate of a person. They concluded that those individuals who are eating considerably fast obtain higher levels of BMI’s compared to those who are not fast eaters.

Moreover, discipline and right amount and quality of food should be taken into consideration of those individuals who would like to cut down their weights.




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