Eating Disorders Are Noted to Go Further Through Teenage Years

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Various eating disorders have been noted to affect many teenagers both of the men and women. This is because due to some biological changes that is happening among the teens which actually put tension and stress in them. This then lead these teens to find a way out on how to release these tension and stress in order for them to feel good or better. But, some other teens are finding a wrong way out of relieving tension in them. Some teens feel that they are relieved by either over eating or not eating at all. Hence, these now reflects eating disorders which are common among teenagers. However, there are certain evidences which tackle that eating disorders can actually go over the teenage years, and it is bothersome because of the possible health consequences in which these eating disorders can actually cause these individuals.

In fact, according to the findings of the new study, eating disorders can actually be further into adulthood. And many incidences showed that there are already increasing number of adults who are going into emergency departments to have treatment for their eating disorders.

The new study which was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association involved the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 2,287 children. The researchers tracked down these children until they reached into adulthood. From the analysis of data, researchers found out that about more than half of the study participants who were girls actually had suffered from eating disorders and this pursued until when these girl becomes adults.

The main reason behind the progress of these various eating disorders into adulthood is still unclear, although possible explanation of this can include resolution of stress and tension during their teenage years and when they reach adulthood, the tension is being reignited by other factors which triggered the initiation of the tension.

Moreover, researchers reminded the general public that no matter what age they are into, if certain clinical manifestations of having eating disorders have been noticed, seeking medical attention could be best. This is to help the individual cope and find a right way on how to relieve tension brought about by the sudden changes of growing up or other factors which could have initiated the individuals to experience eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.





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