Effect of hypertension on the diabetic patients

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According to study, which was done by the medical researchers from the University of Chicago, which was published by the online journal of General Internal Medicine, if the patients of the diabetes delayed the effective treatment for the hypertension treatment for one year, their quality life expectancy gets reduced by 2 days. So they get more time to find the effective hypertension treatment. But as the delay increases, the quality time expectancy of the patient decreases for e.g. the ten year delay in treatment decreases the five month quality life is reduced from the life expectancy of the patient.

The study author Neda Laiteerapong who is MD and the instructor of the medicine at the University of Chicago said that the patients who are newly diagnosed with the hypertension have time to adjust their routine. She further said that as the most patients prefer to control their BP with exercise and dieting that with taking the medication for the BP, they have to take some time to get adjusted to the fact and modify their routine with new habits. Most of the patients require six months to a year to change their lifestyle, which is necessary for their continued good health. This will be able to help them in the long term.

People who have diabetes are more at risk, if they have high blood pressure, which can escalate into kidney failure, vision loss, amputations, and coronary artery disease and also are at increasing risk of the stroke. Both National Institute of Health and the American Diabetes Association have given recommendations that the patients who are diabetic should target for lower BP than the normal public. Their recommendation for the target for the lower BP for the diabetic patients is lower than 130/80 mmHg.

But the reality is that two third of the adults who are diabetic patients never achieve the target. The reasons behind them are the lack of the suitable access to the health care. Also most of them are lethargic to change the lifestyle or their doctors are loath to prescribe the additional medications to the diabetic patients. Most of the diabetic patients who have been prescribed the BP drugs as the part of treatment, do not stick with their treatment. This is the first study, which has quantified the results of the delayed treatment on the diabetic patients. They further concluded that the effects of the ten years delay for the treatment can produce the same effects as the effects of the smoking on patients who have cardiovascular disease.





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