Effect of Physician’s Weight in Managing Obesity

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Researchers from the Educational Institute of Public Health of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg came up with a new study that it is not only the BMI of a patient which is an important factor of his obesity. They put forward that a patient’s Body Mass Index, is not the sole factor which is significant factor when a physician diagnosis him as obese. The other important factor is the physician’s weight. Researchers have discovered that physicians who have normal BMI, as contrast to those who were obese and over-weight, were probable to engage their patients with discussions of weight loss.

These physicians had more probability to diagnose their patient as overweight if they felt that the BMI of their patient exceeds their own. The findings were published in a periodical Obesity. It was proved that physicians who had normal BMI often discussed about weight loss with their patients as compared to the obese and overweight physicians. It was seen that physicians with normal BMI had high confidence in their ability to guide their over-weight patients with diet and exercises. They also perceived their weight loss advice to be trustworthy as compared to the physicians who were overweight. However the researchers also proved that the over-weight physicians had high confidence when their prescription of medicines regarding weight loss showed successful results.

500 primary care physicians were assessed and many things were analyzed like:

  • Self efficacy of the physician
  • Influence of physician’s BMI on obesity care
  • Trust of patient in weight loss advice
  • Perceptions of role modeling

Studies show that obesity results in many diseases like coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. Despite the guidelines of the physicians to treat and counsel the obese patients, report show that only one third of such patients receive diagnosis regarding obesity from their physicians. The results prove obesity beliefs and practices are different for every physician. Hence more study is required to be conducted to understand the concept “impact of physician’s weight on obesity care”.




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