Effects of coffee upon health

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A lot of people appreciate coffee for its taste, for the fact that it helps us wake up completely in the morning, and so they have included this no longer exotic spice into their daily habits, transforming it into a “legal drug”.

And I call it a drug because coffee contains in its composition a substance called caffeine (that is classified as an alkaloid as well as morphine, LSD, codeine) which stimulates the central nervous system intensely. You should know that caffeine is also found in other plants too like: cocoa, tea leafs, guarana and cola.

Discussions about the benefic effects of coffee upon health are still taking place, as well as the discussions about certain affections coffee could worsen or even cause. One thing is sure: for healthy people moderate doses of coffee (meaning 200-300 mg a day) are not harmful. But in certain conditions coffee must be reduced or even eliminated from the daily diet. We shall see why.

Some people drink more than just 300 ml of coffee a day. In these cases the body can react quite surprising. Some of them will suffer of nervousness and anxiety; others will learn what insomnia means, others will complain of headaches or nausea, while most of them will suffer of tachycardia (fast heart beating) or even arrhythmias. As coffee is known to be a diuretic, you can expect to urinate a lot more frequent than you usually do.

Some people suffering of chronic insomnia feel tired, have a lack of concentration and can’t handle very well their daily chars at work or at university. So they rely on coffee. At first they will observe an improvement in their learning capacity; they focus much better than before, but after some time they will enter a vicious circle and will not be able to sleep at all due to the other coffee effects they did not consider first. In order to get back on track they need to give up coffee entirely and reserve more time for sleeping.

Medication does not go well with coffee. This is something you should remember. If you are taking antibiotics, bronchodilatators and most of all ephedra (this is a drug used for loosing weight) you can develop serious health complications. As ephedra exposes the body to heart attacks, strokes and convulsions you can imagine what ephedra and coffee mixed together can do.

The good news about coffee is the fact that by consuming it in moderacy you can keep away Parkinson’s disease. The bad news is that is only works for men.

Just like other drugs do, coffee causes addiction. If you want to give up caffeine easy you should take small steps towards a life without it:

* Drink decaffeinated coffee.
* When preparing your tea you should leave the coffee bag in water only for a few moments there and then take it out.
* Check out if the medication you are on does not already contain caffeine. If so, you should keep away from drinking coffee for as long as you take those drugs.



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